Art they are all aesthetically attractive and functional.

Art has a major role in human lifestyles since it makes lives to be infinitely amusing because of the visual richness it presents. The graphics have great impact on entertainment, for instance current detailed patterns on clothing or paper work, games or carvings are equally favourable due to the unique and stimulating special artistic treatments. Art is a stimulant to different portions of the brain, causing different reactions such as excitement or confusion.

The most crucial part of design lies on the ability to produce unique entities through unlimited creative minds. It provides a platform for distinctive and independent personal expressions. Conclusively, art therefore causes human beings to be extra thoughtful and comprehensive, by playing a huge role in real life through its diverse provisions for imaginations. All the functional items around human life are art by nature and they are all aesthetically attractive and functional. Diversity of art means that it is in a perpetual state of transformation or subjectivity, because it may bring out a different meaning among unlike minds especially due to existence of form as well as content. Art is thus made of form and content.

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Form is the existence of elements, principals, and the physical elements of art and design, that an artist uses in his/her production. The ability to scrutinize any piece of art enables one to pick out some form of uniqueness. Regardless of the physical location, language or design period, every artwork has form. The spaces, colour, value or lines are elements of art used to bring out some principals such as contrast, balance, proportion or emphasis on some physical materials for instance hessians, canvas, paper or glass, using paints and brushes among other equipment. Content is the unique idea or meaning that the artists want to portray. Content also comprises of the audience reaction to the intended message as individual entities. People react differently depending on feelings or believe and therefore, some aspects such as age of a piece of artwork, religious believe, political standings, or societal regulations influence the content of art.

What are the “elements” of art? Scientifically, elements are minute substances or atoms, which combine to form something complex. Borrowing the same definition, the creativity elements of art comprises of lines, colour, shapes, texture, form, value, and space. An artist has to mix a number of elements using various standards of designs, to come up with a distinctive piece of art. Each artwork must have two or more of the elements for instance; a sculptor must have form, space and texture to bring out the three-dimensional effect. Shades and perspective are some of the principals that would create similar effects on a two-dimensional sculptural artwork. Lines are indefinable by nature but artistically, they are made of joint dots to depict objects by defining their shapes.

Texture is also similar to shape and form, because it is easy to define, through touch or sight. Regardless of the value of an object, colour plays a vital role of design through the wide range of tints and shades emphasised by it brightness or dullness. Elements of art are important because they enable people to have a description of objects, and thus be in a position to communicate ideas, thoughts and personal analysis, without the need to find a definite language. Elements of art are as a result a common language in the art world. They are the podium for guiding artists to avoid mistakes or misinterpretation.

Art elements have the same common meaning as opposed to words, which may leave uncertainties over meaning or pronunciations. Knowing the element and their use enables one to analyse, utilize them effectively and appreciate art.


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