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The supply management of the products helps the market stakeholders to determine their flow in the market from the time they were manufactured to the time when it reaches the customer (Mentzer, 2001). The product passes several processes before reaching to the end user including the storage and movement of raw materials, inventory processes, and […]

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Consider his advice on marriage and the roles of men and women in the First letter to the Corinthians” (Crawford et al. 2:27), and compare and contrast these ideas about marriage and the roles of wife and husband to those expressed by Chaucer in the Wife of Bath’s tale from the Canterbury Tales and those […]

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Intersco Asia Pacific has been a company trying to make it in the cosmetics and skincare industry, having broken up from Intersco Group, the parent company from Milan. Over the period that it has conducted business, Intersco Asia Pacific has undergone several transformations and challenges that have forced it to change its perspective on the […]

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This chapter deals with data collected from the managers of Intercos Asia Pacific in relation to the study’s research objectives. This chapter seeks to discuss the results of the structures questionnaires that were issued to 10 participants. Before the research was conducted, the interviewees were provided with a rationale and purpose of the study so […]

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The main purpose of this study conducted in Intersco Asia Pacific is to examine the past, present and projected future operation and viability of Intersco Asia Pacific having split from Intersco Group and established itself as an individual entity in the cosmetic and skincare industry. The major purposes addressed by this chapter are to describe […]

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Intertemporal choice refers to the way in which a consumer’s current decisions influence the available options in the future. Thus, intertemporal choice denotes the study of relative value assigned to more than one payoff at varied instances in time. Majority of the consumption choices obliges decision-makers to trade-off expenses and gains at varied points in […]

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The research is aimed at determining the roles and the impacts of Information Systems in Quality Assurance as well as establishing the link between the two. It also establishes the ways in which the two work hand in hand to ensure quality control for delivery of high quality products and services for the entire organizational […]

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With the increased challenges of environmental conservation along the coastal regions and catchment areas, an integrated approach will play an imperative role. The approach has been applied in Australia, with an aim of fostering a sustainable growth and development. The Victoria Coastal zone indicates how the community, government and the costal management committees can work […]

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There is a positive correlation between drug and alcohol abuse and suicide. Globally, it is estimated that close to a million suicide relate deaths are reported. The situation has become worse in the United States, where statistics indicate that the suicide rate in the population between 35-55 has between 1999 and 2013. The statistics indicate […]

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Discretion and Hiding the Truth As is in every establishment of a workforce there is a hierarchy of position, in the police force there is a chain of command. This chain of command directs the manner through which information command and reporting flows in the department. As such, the police force is arranged in a […]


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