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Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California that creates, develops, and sells consumer electronics from computer software to online services Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne are the co-founders of Apple, the designs and creativity started in April 1976. The first computer was officially created in 1977 by Wozniak. Within a couple years, Jobs and Wozniak and hired different amount of computer designers and had a production lines. With time Apple finally went public in 1980 and from there the journey of success began. The iPhone X referred as the ‘future’ is one of the newest models out with new amazing features. It’s the first phone to have Face ID, the Face ID allows the user to unlock the phone by using visible light to scan and enable the device to identify your face. Face ID a form of biometric authentication. Rather than a password or a security dongle or authentication app, biometrics are something you are. Fingerprint recognition is also, a biometric. The Face ID is a replacement for the Touch ID.  although new models of iPhone have come out, they still remain with the Touch ID. Instead of having to touch and waste time the iPhone X does it for you in a fast paced process without any movement required from its user. It also allows you to pay on Apple Pay with a simple glance. The phone is claimed to be ‘unique’ as the feature Face ID is only found in the iPhone X from the Apple creators. As the technology is evolving. Apple is determined to reach further into the future. Face ID automatically adapts to changes in your appearance, such as wearing cosmetic makeup or growing facial hair. If there is a huge change in appearance or identity, like changing hair colour, Face ID allows you to confirm your identity by entering your passcode before it updates the new changes. Face ID is created to work to identify your facial feature under any circumstances. Such as glasses, contact lenses, scarves, furthermore it’s designed to work in any lighting; outdoor, indoor and even in complete darkness.    The iPhone offers a great software update, the IOS 11, unlike other older models of the iPhone’s. The IOS 11 features new services only available for the iPhone X. Such as the Animoji. Animoji is short for animated emoji’s, the feature allows you to recreate your own video or image using the emoji’s that the phone already features. This feature is like no other, it allows you to recreate your reaction in a creative way as it gives the conversation more of a ‘realistic’ element. As this feature is only available on the iPhone X this makes the phone more saleable on the market. The consumers of Apple are always waiting for a ‘new’ feature to use as an excuse to purchase an item. This is called technological determinism. Technological determinism is the development of social structure and culture values. For example, when considering of buying a phone the main aim is being able to make a phone call. However, as the technology develops and cultural values changes with generations – we as humans seek more. In today’s society when thinking of buying a phone we think of the features and what it can offer. Such as Face ID, Touch ID, Camera quality, Apple Pay, being apple to work on our phones. This supports the idea of Mcluhan theory, he believed that electronic media has a huge influence in the way people feel, think and act. He predicted that as technology develops the world would never be the same. He viewed new forms of media to be an ‘innovation’, for example ‘ Book is an extension of the eye, wheel is an extension of the foot, clothing is an extension of the skin’ and the most dazzling one ‘the computer is an extension of the central nervous system’ those examples clearly show Mcluhan’s point of view towards the advancement made in all kinds of fields that benefit’s humans, although those points are true to an extent, for example the last quotation is not entirely accurate as the computers are insignificant when compared to being an extension of the nervous system. Mcluhan perspective of media is that media can be manipulating in its meaning, whether it’s ‘intensifying a bodily organ, function or an amplifying sense.  Brain Winston believes Social determinism opposes technological determinism as he considers that society doesn’t need technology to ‘survive’, he believes that social determinism influences your choice of how to use technology depending on your environment such as your economic and social status. He assumes that our surrounding has an impact on our decisions, for example, upbringing and friends. Mass media/the worldwide web is a huge factor that controls over social determinism as it presents and view information in a particular way to reach an aim. Adverts for example they use a persuasive technique to manipulate the buyer into thinking they need it, that’s’ how social determinism work. Another example is the iPhone X it’s advertised in a way to make the consumer thinks they want. They put a new feature and focus on marketing it right, which makes the buyer think ‘yes’ this is required. Society has created an idea that makes humans think they must have the best and the latest equipment or it’s considered being ‘outcast’      When comparing the two-phones iPhone X and the iPhone 8 Plus the similarities are pretty clear. Both phones have the new charging method “wirelessly”. Now Apple offers a new way of charging wirelessly. It is claimed that 30 minutes of charging can take you up to 50%. Also, both phones can go up to 21 hours talk time without any charging required. With such an impressing factor the phone offers portrait modes for a better photo quality. It’s easy and simple to use it allows you to adjust the lighting on your preferred style. This feature also blurs out the background to get a Sharpe clear picture focusing on the face/object. Although all the new features seem mind blowing and interesting, the differences can be spotted very easily. The sizes of the phone are pretty clear, the iPhone 8 plus is a bigger size and has a bigger screen. Even though the iPhone X is the advance phone with extra feature it as a huge problem with the screen. The screen is cropped due to the sensor’s. As all the applications with the iPhone X depends on the sensors, it has cropped an obvious amount of the full screen, therefore in videos and games it’s easy to notice the missing part due to its facial design.  Although Face ID is a great feature as it unlocks the phone in a smoothing pace, however, it still has its down’s as the new iPhone can be unlocked just by a simple glance from its owner. An example of this is a robbery, the thief can easily unlock the phone by having the owner look at it, giving access to all information stored on the phone. This is not the only problem that seems too happened with the face reignition, there has been multiple other incidents where similarity of features would allow access to unlock the phone. Two cases have blown over the internet. 1st case was two Chinese co-workers whom were able to unlock the phone of each other. The women took the phone back to get a better understanding. However, the issue was not resolved and she was offered a refund.  A similar case was a mother and her son. The son was able to unlock and access the phone with a simple look. A customer quoted ‘We don’t have any sense of security’, many users are now concerned the iPhone X is unable to tell Chinese people apart from one another and consider the Face ID to be ‘racist’. The issues with the Face ID is yet to be solved.    Jonathan Miller a YouTuber went ahead ad experimented the new feature Face ID for himself. He wanted to come with a conclusion on weather if he’s able to unlock the phone whilst the owner is sleeping. He tried to unlock his partners phone multiple time, yet failed. After some different tries he was successfully unlocks the phone. However, he was able to unlock it whilst holding her eyes open referring to her as a ‘deep sleeper’. This doesn’t come across as a major concern as it’s not a ‘realistic’ way of unlocking the phone. However, it’s still at the back of our minds. From all the research I’ve conducted in technological determinism, the way technology has a huge role in our everyday routine and it’s accessible 24/7 makes it difficult to ignore the fact that we need it. In that case it has been proven both arguments (Mcluhan & Winston) are accurate to an extent as one calls for the fact that technology is a must and the other calls for the fact that society enforces the idea of technology as a must have. On that encounter the iPhone X is a prime example of that, all the marketing and advertisement along with the evolving features done by Apple back up such theories as it’s not Required to have but it became a tool that will carry the user to the future


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