Any but no thanks” messages. Democrat Senator Dick

 Any saneAmerican at this particular moment would not object to President Donald Trumpbeing called a donkey. Some might even say it’s an insult of the donkeys toequate them with the lewdest, silliest, and the most moronic leader on the faceof earth. And I fear I might not disagree. On January 11, Trump wasdiscussing a potential legislation regarding the “dreamers”, immigrant childrenprotected under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

Whilediscussing the issue with members of Congress in the Roosevelt Room in WhiteHouse, Trump learned of Haitians being one of the beneficiaries of the proposedplan. Surprising the Congresspersons, he asked if Haitians could be left out ofthe plan. “Why do we need people from Haiti here?”Subsequently, when the dialogue moved towards African nations, Trumpasked, “why are we having all these people from shithole countries?” – theWashington Post quoted him as saying.

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He further added that the United Statesshould admit more people from places like Norway. Trump had just met NorwegianPrime Minister, Erna Solberg a day before these comments; around 83% of the populationin Norway is racially white. Never mind that Norwegians rejected Trump’s ‘generous’offer outright, flooding Twitter with “thanks, but no thanks” messages.Democrat Senator Dick Durbin, who was at the meeting in White House, duringa press conference said that, “In the course of his comments, (Trump) saidthings which were hate-filled, vile, and racist. You have seen the commentsfrom the press. I have not read one of them that is inaccurate,” said Durbin,who has been serving as US Senator from Illinois since 1997.

In response toTrump’s denial (through Twitter of course), Durbin thrashed them as lies, andsaid, “It is not true. He said those things, and he said them repeatedly.”The vulgarity and insolence in Trump’s comments did not distress Norwayas much as it did the people of Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations, who Trumpequated as shithole countries without thinking for ‘hole’ amount of time.

TheAfrican Union Mission in Washington D.C. expressed its “shock, dismay andoutrage”, and demanded Trump’s apology. The African group of Ambassadors to theUnited Nations issued a statement “condemned the outrageous statements” made byTrump, and demanded a retraction and an apology.This is not the first time that Trump has been so racially vocal. Hisspecial love for Mexicans and Muslims came out during his Presidential campaignduring the better part of 2016, and continued even after he assumed office. Itis amazing how exhausting the list is of Trump’s racial comments, never mindhis comments on women and their physique.

His comments range from calling the Haitianswho “all have AIDS”, to asserting Nigerian immigrants “would never go back totheir huts”, from blaming both the sides for violence in Charlottesville, tocalling a District Judge from the Southern District of California ‘unfair’ in hearingout Trump University case simply because he was Mexican. These are just theshit ones that Trump spat out from his hole after becoming the President.The US President is the perfect example of an extremist pushing the agendaof white supremacy, advertently nurturing the racist elements like the ones in Charlottesville,Virginia. He comes from the world of white dunderheads who built their empireson the blood and bones of black immigrants.

He is the modern-day image of thosevampiric lords and ladies who in the days gone by sucked the blood out ofAfrican nations, and rendered them exsanguinated, fractured, down in thedrains.Not only is Trump a bad President, but a worse human being. It isimpossible to imagine how America, a country that seemed to be looking ahead ofits brutal racial history, chose a person who is the sickest, most demented,and most unfit to be the ‘champion of this free world’.

The full list ofhis racial, sexist, and vulgar comments would make for an inexhaustible Wikipedia page, and unfortunately for the world, that page would never go deadat least for the next three years.


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