Analysis of Data on the Green Space Areas in Sydney with Regard to the Importance of Dwelling Construction Programmes

Every area inhabited by people suffers from the influence of production and technologies i this greater or smaller way. This report is aimed at providing analysis of data presented in different literary sources aimed at shaping the concept of open spaces areas and investigating their value for Australian people.

If the experience of these researchers turns out to be effective, it can be implemented in other urban areas of the world with regard to constant ecological problems, contamination of water, air, and soils, global warming caused by a number of external factors, and other issues.

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Figure 1: Major open space components of Sydney (Coleman 2006, p. 4).


As different programs on urban consolidation are aimed at investigating the use, potential benefits, and possible implementation of similar practices in other areas, the current report is aimed at analysing the open space areas of Sydney with the help of secondary sources.

Mapping out the greenery in the area will help us to consider its biodiversity, green space and human activities there. It is crucial to be aware of the green spaces of Sydney and its suburbs to see the scope of the problem, connected with urbanisation and industrialization.

However, Sydney can be considered one of the greenest cities as every citizen of this city has an opportunity to spend some time in the green area due to the number and location of parks of different types. It is obvious that the green coverage must be in the city and the thorough research of such places may help to preserve the nature in big industrial cities. The understanding and acceptance of the problem is crucial for making a step to the problem resolving.

Materials and Method

The data for the research was collected through the internet databases that contain a number of issue papers about the open space areas and the effect of the number of parks produced on the overall ecological situation in an inhabited area.

So, the materials for the report include secondary sources whereas the method concerns data collection and data analysis. Investigation concerned the problems existing in the sector of open space areas in Sydney and possible ways of solving those. However, this very issue suggested a dilemma because residential areas cannot be extended at the expense of open space areas eliminating parks and green territories.

In this respect, it is necessary to look at the Fig. 1 to see how effective the location of green spaces is organised in Sydney when people live within easy reach from parks and gardens. Though the data collection was conducted with the help of information retrieved from secondary sources, it is necessary to perform the analysis of data collected.

The information from the map shows that there are a number of green spaces in the area. The largest spots are the Royal Botanic Garden, Moore Park, and Sydney Park. Being the biggest green spaces in the area they play a crucial role in the distribution of land resources in Sydney with regard to the burning issue of dwellings for people and impossibility of their construction without bringing damage to the open space areas.

Thus, the fig. 2 introduces the dwelling projections that are planned for the period of several decades with regard to the number of dwellings in local government areas.

This information means that each hectare of the employment land stock will have 33 dwelling completions which means that South Sydney, Leichhardt, and Marrickville local government areas will be appropriate for the planned number of dwelling per 1 ha. Of the employment land stock whereas the number of dwellings to be built in Botany local government areas exceeds the available resources.

Figure 2: Inner Sydney new dwelling projections and industrial land supply from Department of Planning (1992, 1994) (Searle 2003, p. 7).

The data presented in Fig. 3 suggests a comparative analysis of available and planned resources in the abovementioned local government areas.

Local government areaPlanned resourcesAvailable resources
South Sydney1710017160


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