Amusement contains most of the water events, similarly

is a park that can be featured with various sight attractions, like games,
Water Park, rides, and many other fun activities so that people can get
entertained by them. Amusement parks are built for long
lasting operation and serves a variety of age groups. “The Animal Parks hill”
is among the oldest operating amusement park in the world. An amusement Park
can be categorized in a single and multiple theme also, such as Water Park that
contains most of the water events, similarly pink pearl is a multiple theme
park, featured with various water activities like swimming pool, rides, water
slides and many other activities.

Jaipur the pink City is
rich in its culture and tradition. It is one of the most favorite tourist
destinations in Rajasthan. People from various region of the country and
foreigners comes to the beautiful city Jaipur to see its sight of attraction.
Jaipur serves several water park to get relief from the stress of summers. Pink
Pearl is one of them.

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Pearl the Fun City is an Amusement and Water Park which
is located in Ajmer-Jaipur Highway, approx. 15km away from the center of
Jaipur. Pink Pearl is a unit of the Chokhi Dhani group. Chokhi Dhani is giving
his services in hospitality for last 28 years. In summers Rajasthan is known as
the hottest place in India, so to enjoy and let the heat off Chokhi Dhani
introduces the first water park of Jaipur, for the people to get escape from the
sun, heat and dive into the cold water of pink pearl and have fun and Refresh
their sunny days It has been rated as the best spot for picnic, family outing,
corporate meetings, birthday parties, get-togethers and functions in Jaipur.
services can be arranged at the ticket desk and can be booked online on its
personal website or other booking services sites.

is known to be one of the largest integrated Amusement Parks in India. It is the
first amusement and water park of India with all the facilities together like Go
Karting, water slides, wave pool, kids pool, rock climbing, mini golf, skill games,
boats, merry goes round, reality games, pool table, air hockey, sweet factory, toy
train, lazy river, Columbus ride, laser games, Rain Disco, Skating stadium,
Treasure Island & never ending fun. Room facility and restaurant service is
also available there.

(Entry Fee) and offers: For adults from Mon – Fri its 400
and 500 on Sat – Sun, for kids its 300 on every day. There are offers available
on several occasion and festival only like Christmas offer and New Year bonanza
etc. these offers may include the hotel facilities also, like stay at hotel,
entry passes for amusement and water park, buffet breakfast, buffet dinner at
chokha Punjab a Punjabi village fair and dining restaurant, cultural folk dance
show at hotel, puppet show, kids play zone and many other surprises. The prices
of the both the offers may varies with some inclusion and some exclusion.

Experience and things to do: Pink Pearl Resort and
Fun City had got 4/5 ratings amongst several fun resorts in Jaipur. It is one
of the most visited major attractions of Jaipur. It comes in the list of must
visit places in Jaipur. Things that must be done inside pink pearl are, its
water slides are very excited you may get Goosebumps when you enjoy them, wave
pool, you may enjoy the best Go Karting ride and virtual reality games etc. You
may not to carry any food items, swimming tubes because they provide it freely
and food is chargeable. When you enter in the campus you may first get the
tickets and they will tie this ticket on your hand and you have to be very
careful with this ticket because the management members can check your ticket
any time and if you lost your ticket somewhere then you have been charged by
the management. The games and swimming facilities for adults and children’s are
different, for children’s separate swimming pool and small rides were
available. A guardian must be there with children for their safety point of

Pearl nearby facilities: There are facilities of hotels, restaurants
and petrol pumps around the pink pearl that are available to tourist and any nearby
person. Hotel pink pearl is just next to the fun city and there is another resort
kanchan kesari within 100 meter range of pink pearl. There are many restaurants
that can be available within 10km range of pink pear, such as chokha Punjab,
kanchan kesari village resort, the bamboos etc. on Ajmer highway.


to Reach

– The nearest airport is 14km away from pink pearl.

Station: – The nearest station is 15km away.

– You
can reach easily at pink pearl by hiring a cab, auto from any area of the city
or by personal vehicle.


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