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America is the world’s superpower. It leads to the military prowess, economic and technological advancements. Most of this success is attributed to the presidents who have led it over time. Some of these are President Dwight Eisenhower, Harry Truman, and Barrack Obama. Although some of them are remembered for positive roles, a number of them are known for their inadequacy and ineptitude in leading such a great nation. For instance, Harry Truman was involved in various scandals which increased the rates of nepotism and corruption in America. This essay will look at multiple things that happened during the reign of Presidents Eisenhower, Truman and Obama.The state of Economy during Eisenhower’s ReignPresident Dwight Eisenhower was the 34th President of the United States.

He entered office on January 20th, 1953 and left on January 20th, 1961. He is remembered for his strategies in handling the economy. One of his most excellent policies is the “New Look” policy which included some long-term changes that he wanted to implement in the economy of US. President Dwight Eisenhower primary objective was to reduce the expenditures of the federal government which he thought that they were so high (Chari 87). He developed initiatives that would shift the relationship between the public and private efforts in a bid to strengthen the underpinnings of the market-market directed and market-based entrepreneurial economy. He also sought to employ strategies that would facilitate personal freedom. Although many of his initiatives were successful and are replicated to date, there are some that did not perform to the expectations. Eisenhower was very concerned about reducing the military expending.

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He felt that the military was taking too much amount of funds from the coffers of the national government. He felt that some of the amount used by the military could be used to improve the economy of the US. Eisenhower was against any government organized health insurance and refused to allow tax cuts (Cafruny 21). One of the convincing reasons for these policies was to improve the economic stability of the US. He is remembered in the US history as one of the Presidents who was committed enhancing the economy. During his reign which lasted eight years, the economy of US grew at an average of 2.4% each year.

The US economy during Eisenhower’s reign did not have substantial negative economic impacts. Most of his policies worked positively. Although there some critics, many of the economists agreed that he was moderately successful in his economic policies. He was able to control inflation and unemployment rates. Both of them remained low during his reign. The average lifestyle of the American citizen improved with many families citing his reign as one of the best in the American history.

Eisenhower also sought to invest in building a national infrastructure that would form a solid foundation capable of supporting the success of the nations to come. He laid down procedures that saw affluent families and big corporations taxed heavily since they are the greatest beneficiaries of the resources in America. This was meant to ensure that the poor hoi polloi were supported to lead better lifestyles. Harry S. Truman’s ScandalHarry Truman was the 33rd President of the United States. His served between 1945 and 1953. He assumed office following the death of Franklin Roosevelt.

Truman is renowned for having used the veto power 180 times. This was way above any other President since then. His legacy in America is bold as he is also the only President of America and that of any other nation to have used nuclear weapons in war. Truman’s presidency was marked by periods of ups and downs.

Sometimes his rating would go up while other times, it would drop significantly. One of the significant drops in his ratings was witnessed towards the end of his presidency. In February 1952, for instance, he was awarded an approval rating of 22% by Gallup polls. Such a rating was considered one of the lowest ratings ever to have been awarded for an active President in America. This was only compared to President Nixon ratings in 1974.A significant contributor to his unpopularity was the pressures that were placed on his presidency by the Cold War with the Soviet Union, as well as what was referred to as “hot’ war in Korea (Hayward 34).

The perceived nepotism and corruption in his reign were accelerated by the fears of communist influence, industrial disputes, and anger. Truman’s reign was composed of unending scandals which affected his rating to a great extent. One of these was the tax collection scandal which reached the public eye a year earlier. In 1951, a majority of the officials in the Bureau of Internal Revenue resigned as a result of allegations of corruption. The White House did not respond to the claims immediately, and efforts to have an independent investigator delve into the matter were marred by Truman’s administration (Bankston 54). This made many of the Americans lose confidence in him. Even many of the members of his party felt that he lacked the tenacity to deal with the corruption cases at his doorstep.Truman was also involved in the controversial firing of Gen.

MacArthur. He also thought to have been involved in the attempted seizure of the steel industry. This was however stopped by the Supreme Court later. Truman’s rating remained low until he announced that he would not be seeking another term. Towards the end of his presidency, Truman had a rating of about 32 percent.President Barack Obama’s Rally EffectA “rally effect” is a period when the President’s approval rating surges up immediately due to an event that he or she steered. In the US, the President’s approval ratings usually go up during high-intensity of foreign policy effects.

One of the significant events in the US that happened during the reign of President Barack Obama is the death of the Al Qaeda terrorist, Osama bin Laden. Osama was the world’s most wanted man, and his elimination earned Obama a considerable boost not only from America but the world over. His support rose considerably with many Americans hailing him for his performance, as well as his handling of the threat of terrorism, the war in the war in Afghanistan and the foreign policy. Many individuals forgot the partisan politics for a while and hailed him for that. In a survey conducted after the event, 57 percent of the Americans approved Obama’s job performance (Ricci 45). This was way above 56 percent which he had the previous month.

Although there are some that felt Obama’s act could increase the threat of terrorism in the US, a majority were relieved that one of the most notorious terrorists in the world had been killed. Obama’s approval rating rises 11 points which were way above Bush’s rise in 2003 when he captured Saddam Hussein. Bush’s approval ratings had increased by 8 points, but he could not sustain it for a month. His ratings shot down within a month. Some of his critics argued that the killing of Osama did not guarantee America of any security. They felt that the other members of Al Qaeda would come to revenge for the killing of their leader.

As such, they felt that more terrorist attacks were imminent. Even with the “rally effect” that followed the killing of Osama, Obama’s administration was still faced with economic challenges which kept on pulling his reputation and approval down. Additionally, US’s mission in Afghanistan was not complete with the killing of Osama.

There were still fears that more was needed to safeguard America from terrorists. That is why both the Democrats and the Republicans were united to state that the US troops should continue their operations in Afghanistan. The Obama’s administration however promised to begin a gradual drawdown of troops from Afghanistan. In conclusion, America has had many Presidents who have contributed in various ways to make it a great state as it is today. Some of these include Barack Obama, Harry Truman, and Dwight Eisenhower.

 Dwight Eisenhower is famous for his policies which were meant to enhance the economy. He considered the economy as the hallmark of any developing nation. Thus, he imposed policies which would improve the lifestyle of the ordinary American. He also instituted tax policies that saw the rich pay more than the financially weak. Obama is remembered for having killed the world’s most wanted terrorist, Osama bin Laden. 


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