After Radical’s Plan. Johnson’s Plan was identical to

After the Union wins the battle of Gettysburg and Vicksburg, Lincoln plans for reconstruction was to reunite the North and the South after the war ends. Because the South seceded from the Union, Lincoln’s only choice was to forgive. In order to reunite the North and the South, Lincoln announced that he was going to issue the Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction. The proclamation gave Lincoln hope because it would rally up the Northern supporters of the war and persuade the Confederate soldiers to surrender. After the furnace of the Civil War, the South had to go through Reconstruction. During the Reconstruction Era, they were trying to more or less give blacks freedom and help the North and South with their problems. After they issued the Black Codes, they had to ratify the 13th, 14th, and  later the 15th amendment. The also gave the blacks the Freedmen’s Bureau which was created by the government to help and protect newly freed African Americans find jobs, homes, education, and a better life. The Civil Rights Act of 1866 was anyone who was born in the U.S. is a citizen with equal rights. Along with these benefits were also disadvantages for the blacks in order to stop the blacks from voting. They would send the Ku Klux Klan to the blacks so they wouldn’t vote for Republicans. They issued things like the Grandfather Clause which meant that if your grandfather didn’t vote, then you couldn’t vote. Another restriction was Literacy Test which was that they had to translate Latin to English. Poll Taxes was the tax that you had to pay if you wanted to vote, and lastly sharecropping. Although the Reconstruction Era failed because the government got big, blacks started getting power, thus, having places in office and because of that people thought that the government would be corrupt and lastly, people were just greedy. Although it failed, did define blacks as free and they helped the North and the South with their problems. Throughout these problems, they enforced three major Reconstruction plans. The plans are Lincoln’s 10% Plan, Johnson’s Plan, and the Radical’s Plan.  Johnson’s Plan was identical to Lincoln’s because they wanted the South back into the Union. So in order to get the South into the Union, Lincoln’s 10% Plan stated that if the South readmitted into the Union that the voters would have to swear to give 10% of their loyalty. To appeal to the South he promised to keep their private property safe but not their slaves and write them a new constitution. Johnson had taken the land from the wealthy Southerners. Johnson’s Plan was to grant pardon to ex-confederates but only if you were worth more than 20,000 dollars the president would give you a pardon from himself. Most of them accepted this because they wanted the war to end quickly and have the South rejoin the Union. The Radical Plan was similar to Lincoln’s because they wanted to protect the blacks.All of the three plans were similar but also different when it came to the issue of slavery. Unlike Lincoln, Johnson’s views on slavery were different because he didn’t fully welcome the blacks as citizens whereas Lincoln and the Radicals. The Radical Republicans Plan unlike Lincoln and Johnson’s revolved more around revenge. The Radical Republicans wanted to make the South suffer for the damage it had caused during the war and that they were more wary of Confederates. The Radical Republicans give more protection to the freed black men than Johnson and Lincoln.


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