After After five monthe of the historic peaceful


After he gave his final speech on april 3 1968 he sadly lost
his life by a former convict named james earl ray. Even if he is dead his
leadership style and legacy still alive because of his courage and the strength
of not giving up all black people have the equal opportunity as white people,
all of his stragle paid of. 

They arrange another peaceful
demonestration in 1965 from salma to alabama but end up very badly.  On march 25 the number of protester grew from
2000 to 25,000 all protestor gathered infront of the state capital where dr
king deliver speech on tv that has been watched by millions of people.  After five monthe of the historic peaceful
protest,  president Johnson sign the
arrangement that state the right to vote for all human kind.

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King was thrown to Birmingham jail and he wrote a letter
that demonestet theory of non violence event. 
By the end of Birmingham campain martin luther king jr and his supporter
were making arrangement for  a big
demonstration in all over the capital cities made out of diferrent association
in order to apply peaceful change.  On
augest 28 1963 the historic march on Washington drew more than 200,000
indivduals in the shadow of the lincolin memorial.  It was here that king made his famous I have
a dream speech he said ” I have a dream that my four children will one day live
in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by
the content of their character.”  Martin
luther king jr biography

In the spring of 1963 martin luther king jr and his
associate planned the peaceful protest in doun town Birmingham.  Many people attended the ralay but to make
them leave police used trained dogs and water hose on demonstrator,  during that time king was arrested with
several members of his supporter.  He
even had critism from his fellow African-american and white community that
stating his belive and action puts people in a great danger, despite the
critisim the demonestration attract more audience across the nation.

In 1957 MRK was chosen as a leader of Christian leadership
conference, an organisation to give new initiative to the  civil right movement. He took the idea to
lead  this association is from his
religion which is chrstianity and its operational procedure from his role mode
mahatma Gandhi who is well known for his beleve that” success with non violence

The southern Christian leadership

On 1st December 1955 Rosa Park, whom the American
congress call her “The first Lady of Civil Rights and The mother of freedom
movement” got arrested because she refused to offer her seat to a white
traveller on the bus.  The activist
coordinated a bus boycott that would proceed for 381 days, putting an extreme
moniter restrain on general public travel system and local businesses.   time
they choice king as spokes person. The city of Montgomery pressured to lift the
segregation, they had no choice but except banish the law about segregation.
With the happy ending, the boycott finished in December 1956. The mix of lawful
activity backed by the unrelenting determination of the African-American people
influence the montgomery bus boycott one of the biggest and best mass movemet
against racial isolation ever.

The Boycott Movement

Martin Luther King JR was born on January 15 1929 in Atlanta
Georgia.  King went to a segregated
public school, he studied mediciene and law and graduated in 1948. His wife
called  Coretta Scott, who is a talented
singer from alabama. After they got married king start being a pastor on his
local church.


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