Actions activities will be carried out, and different

Actions will be taken in regions ofAzerbaijan in order to start the activities of industrial enterprises based onlocal raw materials at a qualitatively new level and to build new enterprises. Duringthe period of this concept, oil and gas refining facilities, plants producingfertilizers, shipyards and factories manufacturing cement will be establishedin Azerbaijan. When it comes to industry of aluminium, it is also planned todevelop this sphere. So the manufacturing of first aluminium will upsurge, andthe export potential in this field will see expansion.

Using advanced technologies in industrial spherewill be encouraged and exceptional and general industrial estates will be established.Together with the improvement of the non-oil processing industry, the establishmentof the industrial estate infrastructure in economic regions is surely going tobe the major field of government’s investment policy. During the period mentionedin the concept, the government plans to build a special economic zone as wellas industrial estates in each economic region because the government is awareof the economic potential of these regions. (for instance in Sumgayit there areindustrial estates for the processing of petrochemical products, domestic wasteprocessing estates in Balakhani and metal production in Ganja).

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Beside of the above-mentioned spheres, stimulatingmechanisms will be applied to make local and foreign investment in the country’snon-oil sector much more intensive, when the state as well as private investmentcooperation in purpose of developing the export-oriented nonoil sector will be improve.Intellectual activity will also beencouraged by providing favourable conditions for investment in innovation andcreativity, guarantee the viable development of a innovative economy based onintellectual property and upsurge its share in the country’s GDP. It is also intended to reach obviousprogress in the tourism infrastructure within this process, enlarge the rangeof tourist services that meet international standards, escalate thecompetitiveness of this tourism and have an increase in terms of its essentialrole in GDP. In the aim of improving tourism, legislation and standards regardingthis area will be developed first, then substantial measures will be carriedout to ensure the full use of the tourism potential of Caspian Sea. What ismore, in regions tourism activities will also be encouraged, promotion and enlighteningactivities will be carried out, and different kinds of tourism and appropriatetourism routes will be built based on historical-cultural, socio-economic andnatural characteristics.



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