Abstract:-The studied as a full conflict in itself

Abstract:-The present
study deals with the aspects of Kashmir conflict that has become one of the dangerous
issue not only in South Asia but also in the world. The study aims peaceful and
political solution to the Kashmir issue which would release immense prosperity and
economic benefits not only for Kashmir but for whole south Asia. It is so
important that it might be studied as a full conflict in itself .Therefore the
significance of the movements is vital to be understand. The study explores the
Kashmir conflict is a crucial issue between India and Pakistan. Both the
countries should have to take possible solutions so that the issue will be

Keywords: Kashmir,
Self-determination, independence, peace, Human Rights Violation,
India-Pakistan, conflict.

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 People of Jammu and Kashmir have been
struggling for their right of self-determination from more than six decades.
The issue of Kashmir started just after India’s independence and the birth of
Pakistan in 1947. At that time there were around 560 princely states under
British India and Kashmir was one of them. The delay in deciding Kashmiri’s future
by Maharaja Hari Singh – the last king of independent Kashmir – after the
British left was the root cause of Kashmir conflict. The tribal invasion caused
by raiders from Pakistan made the Maharaja feel insecure and he decided to seek
help from India. India’s viceroy Mountbatten promised him militarily help and
in return Maharaja signed the “Letter of Instrument of Accession to India”,
which stands controversial ever since. And with that Instrument of Accession,
the Kashmir dispute has stared into the faces of the two nuclear neighbors for
more than six decades now. On 2nd November, 1947 India’s first Prime Minister Pundit
Jawaharlal Nehru announced on All India Radio that “Kashmir future will be
decided by the means of plebiscite”. However the promise of plebiscite is still
pending. India claims that people’s participation in elections shows that
people are happy and there is no demand for any plebiscite. Pakistan and those
opposing this viewpoint on the other hand say that the elections have never
been free and fair in Kashmir and when they have been so, the people have voted
for governance issues like roads, electricity and other amenities, and not for
sorting out the Kashmir dispute. Meanwhile, the number of people having lost
their lives during the past two decades of Kashmir is overwhelming with some
agencies putting the number at around 89,000 and the number of enforced
disappearances at 10,000. There are around 600,000 to 700,000 Indian troops in
Kashmir and defaming have often been casted on the freeness and fairness of
elections conducted under such heavy military presence. On the other hand, the
Indian army has often been accused of grave human rights violations like
torture, custodial deaths, disappearances, rape and molestation in the state.
The army has often invited censure from international human rights agencies
like Amnesty International. A statement issued on the floor of the J
Assembly by the Deputy Chief Minister on August 1st 2006, revealed that there
are more than 600,000 security forces in Jammu Kashmir. That means the ratio of
deployment to people is 1 soldier for every 18 persons. This is an incredibly
high concentration of troops for an area whose population is not more than 12
million. Officially the number of militants operating in J has come down
to 1500. Despite such huge military setup in J and several efforts to
bring this dispute to an end, a long-lasting solution escapes the people of
Kashmir who bear the main brunt of this conflict.

this study looks at the peace and political solutions to this dispute from the
perspective of the people of Kashmir and presents their views in the light of real-
politic of the region. The results of this study show that there is an
overwhelming desire for independence in Kashmir, however at the same time this
does not look like a feasible solution to this dispute. That Kashmir is a galled
issue, involving interests of different stakeholders and thus making it
difficult to solve this conflict is substantiated by the results of this study
conducted in four main districts of the state.


 People establish peace when they are able to
resolve their conflicts without violence and can work together to improve the
quality of their lives. The people of Kashmir region appealed to
India and Pakistan demonstrates restraint, wisdom and solve the Kashmir issue
as per aspirations. Kashmir issue poses a threat for world peace and it is
proving to be a big obstacle for peace, prosperity and development in the
region. The government of India had to play a great role in creating a
conducive and peaceful atmosphere and they have to avoid their uncompromising
attitude and accept ground reality regarding the Kashmir issue.

people welcomed the statement of UN chief Antonio Guterres calling for peaceful
resolution of Kashmir issue and said that dialogue was the only option for the
peaceful resolution of all issues. Because war is neither an option nor a
solution of issues in any country or state. UN secretary general for his
interest in the issue and termed it as encouraging the people of Kashmir
express their gratitude to Guterres for their moral support to their cause and hoped
that these statements would play a positive and effective role for peaceful
settlements to the people of Kashmir. They also addressing authorities in India
and Pakistan asked them to shun their superiority and inconvenience attitude
and play a constructive role for its peaceful resolution.”War and
inconsistencies are no options; instead they cause devastation and destruction.
Both India and Pakistan are nuclear countries and any flare up can prove extremely


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