A with our daily language? The non-disabled persons

A wide of models and
terminologies can found. Impairments models such as autism, depression and so
on.  The way society is setup on
nondisabled. Gives little comfort to the persons with disabilities.. It is not
just the physical barriers, but also the attitude, prejudices and labelling on
the disabled person. The equal opportunities (not what is on papers or legislations) but really be included as
normal part of the society.  Wheelchair
user is hold back, for a simple step at the entrance of a building, but neither
any ramp (according to laws) can easy the entrance. At the university, they are
ramps to comply by the law, but honestly, I cannot imagine wheelchair users
wheeling themselves, it is an impossible task. Ramps are too high and unless
someone is helping, there is no way they make it to the top and must have very
strong hands to go down (one of many
examples). Learning difficulty person, desire to be independent and live on
their own. They might find it unsure how to pay rent, there where support
needed in social model. Medical model sees it differently; such person has to
be in community home. Individuals with impairment in visuals are likely to be
denied to read the latest books released, as an example, and have no
alternative if they wish to discuss their opinion with friends. Hardly books
sellers invest on braille system. However, with social model there are more
than one solution. On the other hand, the medical model offers nothing but
medical advices that might not change anything.

Disability (stigma) is common action
towards disabled persons and it is the main concern to disabled persons. To disconnect
them from mainstream of society because, of how they look, how they walk, how
they are not fully trusted with their abilities, but we judge them for the
disability.  Most people use different
term when it comes to disabled individual. How this effect the disabled
communities? Surely, of less dignified when referring to persons with
disability. What kind of dignity is showed towards disabled person with our
daily language? The non-disabled persons are they hiding behind the taboo’s?
That makes them keep far from disabled persons. Society is enforcing systems,
on disabled persons. 90% of disabled persons are forced to attend a day centre,
with a program, which is repetitive and forced; there is no space for the
individuals to self-expressions, it is almost to nothing. Persons suffering from serious mental illness face doubly
the challenges. They struggle with the illness and the disabilities from the
disease. Challenged by the stereotypes and prejudice, it is more clearly that
the fact about mental illness. People with disability, all form of disability, each
day are robbed of the opportunities and the define of a good quality in life:
jobs or fully integrate in society. They are forced and be affiliated with
small same circle groups. The prejudice against people with some kind of
disability has no end. The non-disabled persons are satisfied, as long disabled
communities, are kept from the mainstream of society. Only few can make it to
media as advertising, to be used as promotions for charities.  In addition, to add insults to injury, they
look at the disabled as the pettiness (miskin/a
or ja?asra) and the most insult disabled person can receive, when are
treated as children or of less intelligence. Yet there is the needs of much
hard work for disabled persons. To be really fully accepted as normal with a difference
in the mainstream of the populations.      

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Persons with disability, face discrimination every single
day, the negative attitude of non-disabled individuals is very wider in
society. One can say that in years some kind of progress has been achieved. However,
in my opinion; on paper, legislative and media, gives a different
interpretations than the reality is. My question is very simple, do we real appreciate
the person and the abilities or we accept persons with disabilities, out of
pettiness.  You still can hear people
calling the disabled with their disability (dak l-ag?ma, dawk it-torox, dawk il-boloh)  another
phrase commonly is very much in use to refer and make understand of the person
you are referring ( dik li g?andha t-tifel/a imankat jew hadicap). Is it really?  We give the right dignity to persons with
disability, not to mention how these persons and their disability, are used for
fund raising. The more servers disability is, the more used as publicity, Why
we label them? When society is to learn that disability is a gift and not

In my opinion, both Aimee Mullins
and Stella Young, speeches can easily to be, considered as terminology. While
Aimee contribution, is more based on personal vs. definitions of disability. Projecting
the insults definitions by Webster’s New World thesaurus (1982). Showed how
atrocious and inhuman disability, is described. Very harmful and indignity to
persons with disability, as an old Maltese saying (tpo??i l-mel? fuq il-ferita), the editors of Webster thesaurus
kept on this trend, infect as Aimee again looked up the word disabled on the
online version of Webster’s thesaurus, there was not much differences in the
definition of disabled. Following her life story and the success she managed
to  achieves, it took just one person
(Doctor P) as she calls him, that by a simple childish bet to break the
coloured elastics for 100$ changed completely her life. Stella Young on the other hand,
described, that in the eyes of the non-disabled persons, a person with
disability is there to inspire, she tell the story of and a young boy asking
her when she is given the inspiration speech. When she was the teacher. Her
speech was to show that persons with disability are there to live normal life with
their disability and not been figures to inspirations or pettiness. I strongly
believe, Aimee Mullins gave the right sense to the terminology of disability.      


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