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John Steinbecks Of Mice and Men is in my sentiment, a great book with many repeating subjects such as force, dreams and, as will be chiefly concentrated on in this essay, understanding.’Of Mice and Men ‘ is set in the Salinas Valley, California during the Depression. The narrative follows two work forces, George and Lennie on their hunt for their dream, a little house with their ain little harvest field that they can sell and eat the green goods of, and rabbits that Lennie can be given to, a simple thought that seems impossible to make. This thought comes up clip and clip once more.

In the book this thought gives Lennie comfort, like a babe in a cover. The dream is similar to the American dream, gaining your ain manner in the universe, non trusting on anybody else and accomplishing success. They plan to work on a spread until they have adequate money to purchase the dream farm and house. However, the rubric is a line from the Robert Burnss poem ‘To a Mouse ‘ the verse form is about how things do n’t ever travel harmonizing to program. This hints to the reader before they have even started reading the book that whatever plans the characters have made, they will likely neglect.Sympathy plays a big portion in the narrative and with its many characters it would be excessively big a undertaking to discourse them all.

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So retrieve while reading this that there are other characters that a reader would experience sympathy for. Curley, the adversary of the narrative is the boy of the proprietor of the spread and it is because of this that he acquire much better intervention compared to the remainder of the workers, he gets to remain in a separate house and he besides gets to maintain his married woman at that place with him. His married woman remains unidentified and is invariably referred to as ‘Curley ‘s married woman ‘ . She is, in my sentiment, the most interesting character in the whole book. She is at first rather a enigma, nevertheless it ‘s non revealed until around the terminal of the book that she besides had a dream, a dream to move.

When she begins to surmise that her female parent took her dream off from her, she meets Curley and after some clip she marries him. Not because she loves him but merely to hurt her female parent. This life style that she chose has left her alone on the spread.

All of the work forces steer good clear of her. George even warns Lennie to ‘keep off from her ’cause she ‘s a rattrap if I of all time seen one ‘ . ‘Rattrap ‘ of class significance that if they get excessively near to her there will be negative effects.

But Lennie does n’t mind this warning and ended up accidently killing her. She is perchance the character that deserves the most sympathy, she is ne’er given any of support from anybody, and she is ridiculed by everyone on the spread. But should she tittup about the spread in her provocative apparels if she merely wants person to speak to? I think that her purposes were pure but she went about it the incorrect manner.Lennie is another character that much understanding is felt for. Lennie has ne’er known his ain strength, neither has he had the mental abilities to command it. For illustration, when he was immature he would kill little mice that his aunt gave him, he would stroke them excessively much and they would stop up seize with teething him, he would acquire frightened and oppress their caputs in defense mechanism. At the start of the book Lennie and George are forced to fly from their place town when a lynch rabble comes after Lennie when he was accused of trying to ravish a adult female ; they so found work at the spread.

During his clip on the spread Lennie is shown to the work forces of the spread as a unsafe adult male, he kills a Canis familiaris when he strokes it excessively hard. He crushes Curleys ‘ manus until it ‘looks like every bone in his Han ‘ is broke ‘ . Then at the terminal of the book he kills Curley ‘s married woman. As a consequence a lynch rabble comes after him one time once more. Like the first clip he has to run off.At this point in the fresh many awful things have happened that make us experience understanding for the characters, there has been racism, a loveless matrimony, solitariness and decease.

However none of these trump what George had to make. He had to kill his best friend, Lennie. Back at the start of the book George told him if he got into problem he was to ‘hide in the coppice ‘ , a term that is used many times in the novel, the coppice. I think that Steinbeck put this in here to remind the reader that no affair how many times things may look up it will likely turn out for the worst for Lennie. When George finds Lennie he makes the tough pick. Whether he should assist him get away, or kill him and halt running from the inevitable stoping. If he had let Lennie populate he would hold had to watch Lennie being tortured and traveling through a slow and painful decease.

The last few lines of the book show that George ca n’t quite allow out the heartache and choler that he is experiencing. Meaning that George is traveling to hold to populate with what he did for the remainder of his life, and ne’er being able to make the dream.When it comes to sympathy between Lennie and George, they are about on equal land. Lennie spends most of his life killing the things he loves and depending on George for his ain endurance. The guilt he feels for this is put through a few times during the novel such as when he offers to travel off into the mountains and live on his ain. At the terminal he knows he has done incorrect, but he could n’t assist it? Which makes me inquire whether he should hold died for it? On the other manus George frequently describes Lennie as a load, stating Lennie that he ‘could populate so easy ‘ if he was n’t keeping him back, but if this were the instance so George would n’t hold helped Lennie acquire off from the first lynch rabble in the first topographic point, so once more if George had genuinely cared about Lennie he would hold been willing to maintain on running from Lennies ‘ destiny.

On the whole I believe that we should experience more sympathy for George because he is the 1 who has to populate with the guilt of killing his best and merely friend.’Of Mice and Men ‘ is a really cheerless book that says a batch about how people treat other people and why they treat them that manner. It was good and interesting book as a whole, nevertheless the stoping happened excessively rapidly for my liking and was kind of a ‘go to ‘ stoping for the book, but the remainder was first-class.Cameron Caldwell 4C1


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