A Media magazine aimed at teenagers in the school



The content of the magazine, as I have mentioned before was up to the user, so the information they needed was usually collected or if making an entertainment page, it would be attained from the Internet. Storage of the Existing System: The storage of the existing system is where the information is currently held. As the Rakess Update is now out of use, it is not held on a computer, but there are numerous copies that the school still own and I have got my copy from a student who still collects the Rakess Update. The School Newsletter:

After research, I have discovered that the newsletter is produced and developed by Mrs. Simpson before it is distributed each week. She stores it on one computer; so constant transportation does not have to be used, with floppy disks, zip disks etc. , which are easy to lose. It is stored in her user area, which is kept safe by a password, which only she has access to. It is kept on Publisher, and is kept in the form of a template so she can just collect the information and put it in the template. The Rakess Update:

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The Rakess Update, as it was produced differently each term with different layout and content each time, it did not have a special area or safety measure in which it was stored. The Update was made by a group of people, with a different person producing each section, so the person would store the content on their user area, until it was produced and ready for distribution then the work would be deleted and the Update would be produced by a different user with the same methods. Client/User/Public- These are the three main people that will help with the structure of the new system.

Client: Ms. Watson is the Headmistress of RAKESS, so I will have to conduct a questionnaire with her, to see if she approves of the new system, and whether she thinks it will benefit the school. User: After considering making a sample magazine then a CD-Rom template to show the user next year, anyone can consider making the magazine next year, which can become re-usable. A club or a group of students can continue making the magazine using the CD-Rom and it will be very simple as the template and fonts are already present, just the information needs to be attained. Public:

The public is my main concern as these are the students that I intend to aim the magazine at. I will conduct a questionnaire for the students, to see what they want in a student entertainment magazine and I will write this up in User Needs, so I keep to guidelines on what the public want and need The Current Client/User: I’m going to carry out interviews with people involved with the existing system and who uses it: I would like to find out:  what problems they feel there are their views on the current system  their ideas for possible solutions what their views are on having a new system  if they think it is appropriate and if they will use a new system  whether the client agrees it is a good idea.

My main aims for the questionnaires are to mainly find out:  if the user will find the new system and improvement and if they will use it for their own benefit. If the client happy to support the new system and thinks it will be useful to the school. Questionnaire: As for my ICT major project I’m producing a school entertainment and media magazine, I’m going to conduct some questionnaires to find out what people involved think of current systems and what they would think of a new system.

For the questionnaire, I’m to ask a pupil from each class from Year 7 up to Year 13 about what they would like in a system and this will give me ideas on what my magazine will be like and how the students want it to be like. My questionnaire for the students who will be the ones using the magazine, will be very brief, just to find out vaguely what they want and need in a media magazine. The questions will be conducted in this way, basically with yes or no answers. Here is an example of what I will be asking the students: Do you think a new magazine should have pages on cinema, music, games etc?

Tick the correct boxes: Yes No As I carry on with the major project the questions will become more in-depth and more specific on what they want in a magazine. The next page shows a filled in copy of the questionnaire, outlining the user needs. User Needs: Having investigated the user needs I have learnt that the user requires a system that enables them to do the following:  After the questionnaires, I learnt that most people found the Rakess Update good, and as I intend to improve upon the Rakess Update, my new system should be a lot better.

Everybody thought the media magazine was a good idea, as the survey showed that everyone spent a lot of they time at the cinema or listening to music, so I know that hopefully the magazine will be beneficial.  I wasn’t surprised by the fact that most people wanted the magazine to contain more pictures then information, as they thought it is always more interesting with pictures so I intend to add a lot of pictures, to satisfy the students.  Many people also liked the idea of games and competitions, and also a good layout with colour was also very popular.

After the first questionnaire which was very basic, just giving me an idea of what the students would like; I now know that a fun-loving magazine with lots of colour including games and lots of pictures. Proposals: Requirements Specifications: (next page) I’m going to create a new system that will allow the user to be more satisfied. In order to do this I will stick to what other entertainment magazines have and keep to.  The magazine will always be aimed at school students.  The layout will be colourful and eye-catching so the user can appreciate it more but I will keep to money limits.

The layout will be based on teen/entertainment magazines which are approximately:  50% graphics per page  high quality graphic images combination of pictures, black/white a general layout of the magazine using template perhaps adverts aimed at teens in magazines (films, cds, clothes etc. )  I want to also keep the content to entertainment magazine standards: Keep the information relevant and interesting to the user.Not include any swearing, or any disturbing articles or pictures. Provide a wide range of information and content for the user for all students but not varying too much form the subject.

Provide a range of information for both girls and boys. Use other magazines to create good articles and media archives.  The magazine has to be up to date to be able to keep up with the user and the current times (news, films etc. ) Checklist for my magazine: This is a checklist, to keep me organized during the making of the magazine. These are targets that I intend to keep, so I keep to the same plot in my magazine: To keep the magazine informative and interesting that is an expansion from the entertainment section in the Rakess Update.

To use successful and popular entertainment magazines to get ideas and keep to guidelines for the magazine.  To provide a range of information for both girls and boys.  To use pictures and information fairly on the magazine.  The magazine to be strictly aimed at a school environment.  The magazine can be transferable so it can cater for anyone in schools.  To use black and white as well as colour pictures to cut down on costs. These are the basic aims that I want to keep to when producing the magazine, so I know what basically I will using and adding to the content of the magazine.

Alternatives solutions: Instead of using a magazine for creating a system that was used for entertainment information I could have created a:  A web-site would have been useful and another way of giving across information. A web-site would have been useful as: I could make the magazine on a web site, as it is more interactive.  I could have added more use of media on a web-page such as downloads, videos etc.  Many people use the web more often nowadays, a more professional outlook at promoting a magazine

As aimed at school environment, many students may not be computer literate.  More social uses, as if aimed at school, students may look at it together and students may not have the time to look it up on a computer, or simply may not be bothered, and using a magazine may bring a school and its pupils closer together if published through out the school and not use a web-site which I believe separates people rather then brining them closer together which I think a school environment does not need especially if the magazine contains the students.

Even though there are many advantages to making a web-site magazine, I had decided to stick with a magazine from the advantages listed above and I think as the old Rakess Update was much more popular then the current Rakess Web-site, a magazine will do a lot better in a school. There are other ways of producing a magazine without it being in magazine layout. I could have produced a CD for the magazine but this is very unwise as:  I would have to produce a lot of CD’s as one disc would not cater for the school.

It does not involve the pupils as much as magazine would.  It would have been very expensive  Some people may not have access to a CD-ROM  It would take a lot of hard work to produce a number of discs. These reasons are enough to believe that a magazine would be the best and most beneficial to the school and its pupils. Inputs of the new system: After researching current systems, I have decided to make the new system, using the guidelines I set myself earlier using colour and black and white to save money.

Using the preferred choices of the students I want to design my magazine on the Rakess Update and other entertainment magazines, to make a magazine that includes the school, but also outside activities as well. In my magazine I would like to put in:  Reviews of books, films, * Games and trivia * Use surveys which involves students * Requests, interviews etc. * News I will need a scanner and perhaps a digital camera, to input pictures of students, etc. I will also need access to other entertainment magazines for ideas, and the Internet, for pictures of actors, etc. Outputs for the new system:

I am going to put what I want to produce in the magazine as an output to satisfy the students: For my new system I would like to produce a magazine with the following outputs: Reviews that give information on entertainment information such as cds, films.  I would like to produce a horoscopes page if possible that is for both girls and boys From the questionnaire, I know that people want a good layout with lots of colour, so I would like to put this in my magazine.  Lots of games and competitions for the younger students, as in the questionnaire many people wanted games, etc.

I would like to put in peoples views, and requests, e. g. students views on favourite film, book etc.  Interviews that I could get off the web, or conduct myself. Frequently Asked Questions so I answer peoples queries or requests. I would like to output a web-page for the school magazine to promote and also I would like to use more then one use of technology for the magazine. These are all the things that I would like to in put and process to make my magazine suitable for a school entertainment magazine.

But as I carry on with the designing I will probably get new inspirations and more ideas, but at the moment I would just like the basic outputs for the magazines at this. Processes for the new system: In my new system I will have to use a lot of processes in order to output my magazine To produce the articles for the magazine I will have to use Word to produce the drafts and writing up other questionnaires and surveys.  I will use Publisher to produce a template that I can write up the content into when it is produced and also make it easier for the next user.

I will have to experiment with Publisher and Corel Draw for the kind of layout I want after doing the designing.  I will have to search the Internet and use a digital camera to put a suitable amount of pictures in the magazine I will use Front page to produce a web-page and then sign up to a site to promote my web-page. I could attach the web-page to the school web-site.  I could have to use Excel to keep data from surveys and make graphs to show results to help in making of magazine. Storage of the new system:

For my project one of the most important things is safety, I am going to have to think of the best ways to keep the new system safe. I am going to try and use one computer as its good for storage as if I keep all my files on one computer then its less likely to get lost and for transportation reasons as I don’t have to use floppy disks all the time which are easy to lose and don’t have enough space. To keep the system safe on one computer against viruses and unwanted users, I will have to look at different ways at keeping storage safe such as:

Read-only memory is a computer memory that cannot be changed by a program or user. It also keeps the data safe even after the computer has been switched off. A user area, which I can keep safe with a password so only I can access the data.  Instead of using more then one computer and having to use floppy disks all the time, I will use hard disk on one computer that has a storage capacity much bigger then floppy disks. [R1] [R1] Change this as going to after consideration to make CD – Rom and Website. But do after! After making analysis of CD – Rom and website.


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