A facilities manager for the staff that he

A facilities manager is someone who is the individual charged with taking care of all the day-to-day maintenance and updates of the system.


·                     The main responsibility of the facilities manager for the staff that he should ensure the quality of the output of facilities which are to be maintained by the staff working on it.

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·                     Proper quality reviews and checking by the operation manager should be done to reach the goal for the staff.

·                     The facilities manager ensures the better customer service and increase customer empathy.

·                     He ensures that the facility is operating as it should be on the daily basic. So that the business runs smoothly every day the facility manager needs to complete daily inspection. He needs to communicate directly with the decision makers. So considering these reasons, facility managers are very much visible and completing the inspection frequently.

·                     They deals with emergency issues like anything that breaches the safety and security of the customers and staffs.

·                     They check that the work which has been agreed to work by the staff or contractors that is completed satisfactorily .

·                     To keep the staff safe and provide them with good facilities.


1.2)Discuss the impact on facilities operations of employers and funding agencies.

Answer: The strategic planner impact the employers by the facility operations

managers. The employer assists in organizing daily operations like hotel business and so the employer needs to provide certain attention toward the sector in which the individual business is situated.

The various operations of the company starting from managing vendors as well as contractors to make the arrangements toward the maintenance , the employer is dependent on facilities management staffs who supervise this diverse facets of the company. .

An employer is impacted by the negotiation with facility manager with other clients and also the vendors who perform the works on the hotel property to carry out operations. Before approving any contract services it is essential for the employer to ensure that such family is about to get maximum advantage from the money they have spent.

Its very essential to keep all the matters documented and to make the presentation and documentation upon the work which is carried out for the employer.          

2.1)Discuss the various health, safety and environmental measures that must be implemented by 112 katong in line with Singapore’s stationary regulations that will affect facilities operations.

Answer: The 112 katong must implement the following measures in line with

Singapore’s stationary regulations which will affect the facilities operations-

 1. Fire Hazards-it may be abundant in the retail store . The major hazard that could harm the employees and customers such as exposed wire from lighting or open flames in a store display. So to ensure that preparations are taken , have to keep fire extinguishers the store or mall.

2.Ergonomics- According to OSHA, it is the science that match the workplace

requirements to the employees capabilities .Because mismatching job can result in employee’s injury or illness.

3.Air quality- There must be adequate quality of air .Some of the stores may be located inside other buildings such as another malls and with no windows so the air can’t come in or go out .

4.             Visual inspection of premises: It includes uneven flooring spills which can cause a employee or a customer to slip and fall down .

5.             Natural disasters- The safety measure is depended on where the mall or store is located .

 6.Crime- If there is any shoplifting or crime occurs in the store . So must be prepare to nip the crime in the bud by different security systems like alarm systems and setting up the surveillance camera in the different parts of the store.

 7.lighting- Sometimes low light can make the appearance that someone looking for their store or mall but can lead to more accidents . 

8.Employee training- some emergency cases there is need of some first aid trained employees. Like for example if anyone cuts their hand so the trained employee can help to bandage primarily.

2.2)Discuss the documentation required for compliance with statutory regulations and health, safety and environmental measures.

Answer: 1) Purpose, cross references, scope and effective date documents –

A)Purpose-  Many states requires the filling which is an actual certification of compliance stating the rating methods and practices which are applicable for small employer health benefits plans to carriers concerned with relevant statutes, regulations and other mandatory requirements in any applicable set forth .

B)Scope- This standard applies to actuarial certification needs to be prescribed by regulatory requirements to comply with statutory and regulatory rating constraints so that a carriers method rating and other actuarial practices can be applicable to small employer health benefit plans .

C)Effective date – An effective date must be required for compliance with statutory regulations.

D)Cross references- If the standard refers to the provisions of the other documents, the reference always includes the referenced documents because they may be restated or amended in the future by whatever name is called and by it it can consider if any standard is applicable or appropriate.

2) Analysis of the recommended issues and compliance – The rates should be done by testing for the compliance with the rating constraints . It should be ensured by the actuary that the sufficient testing has been done so that that there is no material violations of the rating constraints so that he or she can be reasonably satisfied. 


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