digital advertising techniques were analyzed, such as pop-up and side-panel
ads, email updates, coupons, video ads, and advertisements in the form of
games. The study was able to prove through the first hypothesis that, based on
the responses of the participants, side-panel ads are not the most prefered
form of advertisement. Instead, coupons are the most favored form of
advertising by Millennials. Aside from side-panels and coupons, YouTube ads,
email updates and ads in the form of games are the alternative forms of digital
advertising that Millennials prefer. While the second hypothesis confirmed that
the use of  pop-up ads should be avoided in digital marketing. Other strategies
to be avoided are un-closable windows, mandatory downloads, and flashing items.

It was in the third hypothesis that the study revealed that personalization,
despite being a successful digital marketing strategy is not the most
effective. Instead respondents listed graphics, bright colors, and interactive
as the top three most effective strategies in the grabbing attention. Another
strategy listed in the response was the word ‘Free’. Although last on the list,
it is proven in the fourth hypothesis that free gifts falls under the top five
incentives to return to a website. Topping the list would be: competitive
prices, good shipping rates, coupons and rewards for returning customers.

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Lastly in the fifth hypothesis we learn that, three out of four of the most compelling
motivators to write an online review involve personal benefit.

























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