On and died. Good Morning everyone. My

On May 24th the 10th standard CBSE results came out.

Most of the students in Delhi passed but there were some who failed. The next day, i. e. , May 25th the Khaleej Times headline read something like this – “Out of the many who failed in 10th standard CBSE, 3 students killed themselves”.

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1 of them hung himself while the other 2 consumed poison and died. Good Morning everyone. My name is Ali and the topic that I am going to speak on is “Suicide”.

Did you people know that over 800,000 people choose to end their life by committing suicide each year.With so many people deciding that it is better to “end it all” than to have another day on this planet, the word “suicide” tends to be a topic that leaves a lot of questions unanswered. So what do we mean by suicide. It doesn’t have any clear definition but we can say that if a person who is fed up of life, feels defeated or foresees a future defeat, when kills himself, he is said to be committing suicide. People are a tiny bit unsure, somewhere deep inside, about whether to end their life or not.

So then why does a person commit suicide? As the definition says – maybe he is fed up of life, feels defeated or thinks that a possible defeat awaits for him in the near future. But then the question is that why is a person fed up of life? What are those circumstances or situations that arise in a person’s life because of which he or she cant face the world and especially their loved ones? Actually there are many reasons behind suicide. One major reason is trouble at home.Take an example of a husband and wife. At times there are fights which actually make up this relationship but what if these fights become regular. What if the husband is dominating and beats up the wife? This is seen in many relationships.

Then what happens? The wife shoots herself or cuts her wrist in order to end up all this sufferings and pain inflicted on her by her husband. And if she is a smart lady, then she first shoots her husband and then commits suicide. Another reasons is difficulties at school.If a child is bullied in school, or their is a lot of pressure or burden from the school which he or she cant cope up with then the best thing that child thinks is to commit suicide thus taking a very big leave from school.

Also a child commits suicide when his or her parents divorce and he is at such an age that he can’t cope up with such a situation. Also if there is a relationship breakup then suicide is common. What if a person, how u offer him food and say that if you eat my stomach will be filled, dies.You can’t cope up with that and the only thing you can think of is to commit suicide and try to again unite with that person. Then there is the social struggle like when someone gets AIDS.

Then what happens? You are not accepted in the society and even your loved ones leave you. You are left alone and suicide is the best option for you then. And then finally there are those religious or political suicide reasons. Like the time when Izz al Din al – Masri, who was just 23 years old, blew himself up in Jerusalem on August 9th, 2001, killing 15 Israelis and injuring scores of others.He was not seen as depressed or tensed the day before this incident occurred but the only reason for this suicide bombing was to get freedom from Israeli troops and to free Palestinian territories. So I would like to conclude this speech by saying that suicide is not the last option.

In fact it is not an option at all. Think of all the happy moments of your life before committing suicide and then you will find the reason for your suicide very insignificant. Pain is surely involved.Think about the person whose head collides with the ground after falling from the 10th floor or the pain that someone experiences after cutting his or her wrist. The pain is tremendous but for only 5 to 10 seconds.

The actual pain is suffered by the loved ones, the family, friends who have to bear with the pain for lifetime. Suicide is not chosen, it happens when pain exceeds the resources for coping with the pain. Increase these resources, and think about everyone before you suicide. Is any reason in this world for suicide good enough excuse for inflicting a lifelong pain to your loved ones? I don’t think so.


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