7. not use any additional trade name or

7. OBLIGATIONS OF THE FRANCHISEEThe FRANCHISEE agrees and undertakes that the FRANCHISEE shall:7.1. Ensure that adequate infrastructure as per the specifications mentioned in Annexure-3 and financial resources are available to the FRANCHISEE by way of working capital and otherwise to ensure that the FRANCHISEE is able to fulfill all the obligations herein contained.7.2. FRANCHISEE rights are not transferable and can only be heritable in case of written consent of the owner or sudden death of the beneficiary.  7.3. FRANCHISEE shall ensure that all products and services are effectively and cordially provided to the citizens. The FRANCHISEE shall not refuse to deliver products or services as per demand of the citizens and availability of services.7.4. FRANCHISEE shall ensure that any act of indiscipline/misdemeanor by its Operator is suitably handled by it. Besides FRANCHISEE shall be bound to comply with directions if any issued by esevapro.com7.5. FRANCHISEE shall purchase the stationery/ required receipts and other documents from the esevapro.com or from the supplier mentioned by esevapro.com and should take proper custody. esevapro.com shall make efforts to keep this cost as low as possible. These stationery items are not transferable to any other FRANCHISEES. If any such transfers found at later date, the FRANCHISEE is liable to pay the penal chargers as decided by esevapro.com.7.6. esevapro.com will have a right to appoint another FRANCHISEE in the same locality in case if the Centre is not running for more than 7 consecutive days, in order to provide the services to the citizen.7.7. Operate the Business strictly in accordance with the terms stipulated in this Agreement and instructions/guidelines/procedures/processes prescribed by esevapro.com from time to time and that shall be considered a part of this Agreement and to conform in all respects and all times to the instructions, procedures, processes, guidelines laid down from time to time by esevapro.com for the purpose of marketing the Services and improving and increasing the market potentiality of the Services. The FRANCHISEE shall not use any additional trade name or symbol nor do or permit anything to be done which is not in accordance with the directions of esevapro.com without the prior consent in writing of esevapro.com.7.8. Strictly adhere to the turnaround time guidelines as prescribed by esevapro.com from time to time for various activities.7.9. The FRANCHISEE is personally responsible for running of CENTRE. If need be, FRANCHISEE has to appoint experienced persons for the work, at his own costs. Also, training for better public interaction will also be given by FRANCHISEE at his own cost. All expenses for running of CENTRE shall be borne by FRANCHISEE. esevapro.com does not have any obligations of employment of the operators appointed by FRANCHISEE. However the Franchisee shall be responsible for the actions of those employed by him.7.10. Ensure compliance with the provisions of this Agreement or instructions issued by esevapro.com from time to time. FRANCHISEE shall not accept part payments of any utility service Bills. FRANCHISEE shall not issue any manual receipts under any circumstances.


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