The turning
point of my life was when my professor, seeing the favorable outcomes of my
study  which I carried out as a part of
my academic project, encouraged me to publish it as a research paper which got
me recognition and appreciation when it got published in IJMECH, Wireilla (An
Australian Journal) in November 2015 “(research paper
link). As part of my project work, I wrote my perspective on the scope of
weight optimization and cost reduction of crane hook. As per literature survey
in my paper “Optimization & Fatigue
Analysis of a Crane-hook using Finite Element Methods”, a lot of research
was done for the optimization of crane hook based on stress analysis. Still,
there was a lot of scope of optimization considering durability analysis taking into account various
fatigue-related material properties & algorithms required to carry out
fatigue analysis as it is of prime importance in industry. In the present paper, 3D model of
an existing crane hook of the trapezoidal cross-section having a load carrying
capacity of 30 ton is generated using CAD tools and finite element analysis is
applied on the model using Ansys workbench. Using Design of Experiment (DOE),
different iterations are obtained by varying the parallel sides of the
trapezoidal cross-section which are taken as design parameters. Then the static
structural analysis is performed for different iterations and three best
candidates are selected based on mass, total displacement & von-mises
stress keeping the objective importance of mass higher. Moving forward, fatigue
analysis is carried out for the actual model & the three best candidates
obtained using constant load mapping technique & considering various
concepts like mean stress correction, stress combination method, surface
effects & various fatigue-related material properties for grade AISI 4340 150.
As a result of this study, I was able to reduce the weight of the hook by
22.03% which can be helpful in reducing cost & balancing the economy. At
that time, I tried to take my study into the industry but I was not having
industry connections. I am still discussing with Smriti Forging &
Engineering Co. Pvt. Ltd. & Indus Overseas on how this study can be
implemented for industry benefits. The appreciation which I got after
publication encouraged me even more to make great efforts in enhancing my
knowledge of such topics.


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