Blind people
perform reading writing operations using Braille. This system proposes a method
to convert a scanned Braille document to English text since it forms the
communication link between the visually impaired and normal people.




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Braille is the
only form of communication for visually impaired people. But there are many
people who do not understand Braille. Hence, difficulties may arise if there
are no enough Braille translators available. Normal people can usually read the
Braille but this process needs to be automated so that the ones who do not
understand Braille can still get the effective Braille translation. Hence, we
aim at building a system which will provide translation of Braille documents
into English text which will bring the efficiency in the communication between
visually impaired and normal people. 




This system is
designed for Braille to English translation only.  The future scope of this system is to
translate the Braille documents into many other languages such as Hindi,
Marathi, Telugu, etc. Also, we can add predictions or suggestions if by any
chance Braille cell is wrongly interpreted. Conversion of text to Braille can
also be incorporated within this system.



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