Canada responsibility so people should be obliged to

Canada is a largecountry with small population.

Canadians are proud of their citizenship becauseCanada is a peaceful nation. Canadians laws are based on their democraticvalues so Canadians values include equality, respect for cultural differences, freedom,peace, laws etc. As a student they are proud that many cultural and ethnicgroups live and work here in harmony so cultural diversity of Canada statesthat they are fully free to share cultural heritage in their national life aswell as equality is more important in Canada. They also believe to work togetherand helping one another. Besides, English and French language is very importantto become a Canadian citizen because 98% people speak this language for morethan 300 years.

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Indian citizenship has also similar as a Canadian citizen. Italso provides its citizen rights of freedom to work, freedom to speech andfreedom to work anywhere. In India also have multiculturalism system. There areapproximately 22 national languages and it is democratic country as Canada. TheCanadian citizens have many rights and responsibilities such as Democraticrights (for example, the right to vote), Language rights, Equality rights, Legal rights, Mobilityrights, freedom of religion, Freedom of expression, Freedom of assembly andassociation. For example, (Mobility rights) Canadians can live and workanywhere they choose in Canada.

 Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms gives you theserights. In Ontario, the Ontario HumanRights Code also gives you rights. Moreover, citizens also havethe right to apply for a Canadian passport. A Canadian passport allows you to return toCanada at any time after travelling or living abroad.

Furthermore, peopleshould respect the rights and freedoms of others. Secondly, they should obeythe Canada’s laws and should also protect our heritage and environment. Lastly,every right comes with a responsibility so people should be obliged to vote forthe deserving candidate in the federal election.


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