3.1. as silicic acid Si(OH)4. However, as silica

Size and encapsulation yield of silica-alginate beads

our study, the size of the beads increased with the addition of silica coating.
The mean diameter of alginate beads without silica coating was 1.54 ± 0.07 mm,
which was significantly (P1 mm) (Arnaud et al., 1992; Hyndman et al., 1993; Klemmer et
al., 2011). Alginate beads obtained by the dripping process usually
exhibit a diameter within the range of 0.5-3.5 mm (Coradin
et al., 2003). Microcapsules below these sizes can be obtained by
reduction of dripping-needle diameter, alginate concentration, or flow rate (Willaert and Baron, 1996). The results showed
that the beads were globular in shape (Fig. 1, 2)
and addition of silica did not affect it. Moreover, there were no significant
differences (P

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