1. Kroc were able to be successful because

1.      The
founder is about a man named Ray Kroc who was a struggling salesman for most of
his life. In the beginning of the movie we meet Ray selling Prince Castle five
spindle multi mixer. He drives from restaurant drive-in to, drive-in selling
this product. One day he learns that there’s a drive-in, in San Bernardino,
that is ordering an unusually large amount of milkshake mixers. Ray drives down
to California to see it. This is where he comes across McDonalds, an extremely
popular walk-up restaurant of high quality. He meets the two McDonald brothers,
Dick and Mac. He takes a tour of the kitchen, where Dick explains the high
quality food and lightning-fast service. He takes the two brothers to diner and
is told about the history of McDonalds. Ray takes a liking to the business
idea, and discovers that it could be a money making opportunity. He is able to
get the brothers to see his idea of wanting to expand their business. Just like
any business the McDonald brothers and Ray go through a number of successes and
challenges, one after another. During the course of the movie, Ray slowly
starts taking over the business, until eventually at the end of the movie he
stills the McDonald brothers’ idea and pretends that he created it.

2.1 The McDonald Brothers and Ray Kroc were able to
be successful because they had the following characteristics:

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Risk Taker – This refers to someone that
is willing to dive into the uncertainty. A person that will risk their time and
money but still keep resources and back plans in case of the unknown occurring.
We can see this characteristic in Ray and also the McDonald brothers. An
example of this would be when the McDonald brothers risked start moving their
restaurant to San Bernardino and creating a high quality restaurant. Ray Kroc
showed this characteristic when he decided to want to take the McDonald
brothers idea to the next level and make it bigger. There was a possibility
that their choices would have failed but because they were willing to take

Opportunity seeking – This refers to
someone who sees a gap in the market and thinks of how best they could fill that
gap. The McDonald brothers showed this characteristic when they realised that
there was a great location for them to set up their restaurant, they saw that
there was an opportunity for them to create a speedy, high quality restaurant,
with a family based side. Ray also displayed this characteristic when he saw
that the idea of the McDonald brothers could be taken all over America and that
having it mainly located in one place wasn’t good enough. He saw a wealth
generating opportunity and for a person who always wanted more it was the best
deal for him.

Dedication and  Perseverance – This refers to someone who
believes in themselves, they are dedicated to see their business flourish, they
are persistent in pursuing their desires, despite the possibility of failure.
Ray displayed this characteristic when he was waiting for confirmation form the
McDonald brothers on the building of the new 


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