1.Introduction not any school. Their educator will be

1.IntroductionOn January14, 2018 in Perris, California, United States, David and Louise Turpin arrestedfor unlawfully imprisoned their thirteen children (age from 2 to 29) in theirhome, after one of the children escaped through a window and used a deactivatedcell phone to call 9-1-1. The police came and found some of the childrenshackled to their beds with chains and padlocks in a dark, foul-smelling room,all of them are malnutrition. So how come nobody knew about those children’scondition before? One of the reasons is that they were homeschooled. This has arousedpeople’s suspicions about homeschooling and its’ risk. So what exactly ishomeschooling? Is it really effective? This paper will discuss the advantagesas well as the drawbacks of homeschooling for children.2.

Discussionof finding2.1 Background information about homeschoolingThe conceptbehind homeschooling is actually not complicate at all. It means that childreneducation responsibility is totally on their parents as they do not want tosend their kids to a tuition. In more details, this means that the home becomechildren’s education center, not any school.

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Their educator will be theirparents or sometime their private tutors. The parents choose education path fortheir children due to their interest, personality and gift, which is completelydifferent from institutional schools where the kids forced to follow acurriculum designed by people who will never understand them as thoughtfully. This form ofeducation is largely applied in western society where adult do believe that theright to educate their children is their responsibility rather than thegovernment. According to Dr. Heather W. Allen’s statistic, the USA has thehighest number of homeschoolers with over two million home educated children.Come after that is the United Kingdom (100,000) and Canada (95,000) followed byAustralia (55,000). Keep putting the data into order, we shall have the numberof homeschoolers in New Zealand (6,000), South Africa (5,000), and South Korea(1,000).

These country all have an upcoming trend which in the future can provethat home education is actually a practical education choice. Other countrieswhich also have been legalize home education seem fairly modest with Japan(800), Germany (600), France and Taiwan (both at 500), and Ireland (400).However, the number of homeschoolers in these country is likely to rise. Andlast, Netherlands, Brazil, Kenya, Poland, Ukraine, Switzerland, and Bulgariaeach of them are having less than 100 homeschoolers. 2.

2Advantages of Homeschooling.Apparently,since it appeared, homeschooling has become more and more popular as there isan upward trend in the number of people who decide to home-educate theirchildren and the number of nations which legalize it. This show no doubt thathomeschooling is actually work and very auspicious with a lot of advantages forchildren. Each parent before deciding to home-educate their children havethought meticulously about the benefits from both academic aspect and lifestyle aspect.There aremany benefits that children can get from homeschooling. First of all is theflexible curriculum which designed by parents based on their children’s owncondition such as interest, characteristic and gift. You can decide how much yourchild can learn, when to move to the next stage or when to pause. This type offocus on learner education is always work      


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